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A “Surprise” at Marshalls

Marshalls prides itself on delivering a surprise to its consumers every time they shop, with a fresh mix of brands at amazing prices.

To illustrate this, the brand and its partner agency MWWPR turned to Synergy to deliver an experience that would launch a national program: The Marshalls Surprise Box.

In the center of Marshalls’ flagship Tribeca location, The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco unveiled a “surprise” for consumers — a pyramid-like structure consisting of Marshalls Surprise Boxes filled with a variety of items across multiple categories. Each consumer in attendance received their own surprise box.

The experience kicked-off a campaign in which each of the Marshalls’ locations across the country had a surprise box hidden somewhere in the store, available to the first consumer who could find it.

The launch event engaged hundreds of people on-site, surpassed all of the brand’s media coverage and content engagement metrics, and helped to drive store traffic nationally.

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