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Autotrader Has All the (Movie) Cars

December 14, 2017

They are iconic elements of so many great movies, like Back to the Future, Fast & Furious and Ghostbusters.  Sure, the actors were great – but we’re not talking about them.  We mean the cars!

Vehicles from each of those films, along with cars from Batman, Knight Rider and Jurassic Park, were on display along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to showcase that Autotrader has something for everybody, no matter what type of car you may be looking for.

Besides learning more about Autotrader’s offerings, media & consumers had the chance to have their photos taken with legendary vehicles, and select people were also able to participate in a ride along for a short drive around Hollywood.  Jordana Brewster, one of the stars of the Fast & Furious franchise, was also on hand to engage with attendees.

Autotrader agency partner MWWPR brought on Synergy to assist with all aspects of planning including management of the experience and logistics surrounding the ride and drive program.

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